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“You Definitely Know Somebody Right Now Who’s Being Abused”

by Sabrin


How Common?

5.3 million women abused by their partners every year

1,300 women die every year from abuse

This morning on MSNBC, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and author Leslie Morgan Steiner, a survivor of domestic violence, spoke about why women go back to their abusers and how the oversimplification of domestic violence is destructive to the issue at hand.

Steiner stresses that what helped her the most were “people who really understood and didn’t judge me ….and [who said] look you’re really in danger here and you are the last person on earth who can help this man break his own cycle of violence”

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Psychologist Jeff Gardere emphasizes that responsibility falls on friends and family to address both the abuser and the victim in an abusive relationship. He also stressed that “Victims tend to fall back into domestic violence situations if they don’t address their own psychological concerns…”

We welcome survivors and friends and family to share their stories so we may all learn from their experiences.


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