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What the Healthcare Reform Bill Means for Domestic Violence Victims

by Sabrin

Many of us have been continuously reading and debating about Obama’s healthcare bill and how it will impact our lives. But one very important (but unfortunately less noticed) component of the bill provides crucial help for domestic violence victims.

The bill would no longer allow insurers to treat domestic violence as a pre-existing condition. What does this mean?

Well, this may come as a shock to many, but there are currently eight states that allow insurers to reject women who have survived domestic abuse for coverage. According to insurance providers, if you have experienced domestic violence in the past, you are more likely to experience it again than the average person and are therefore more expensive to insure.

While this is clearly illogical, this is the law that many insurance companies abide by.

The healthcare bill BANS insurers from discriminating based on, amongst other things, “source of injury, including conditions arising out of acts of domestic violence”

To quote Nancy Pelosi, “Think of this. You’ve survived domestic violence and now you are discriminated [against] in the insurance market because you have a pre-existing medical condition. Well, that will all be gone”

Yet another source of hope for domestic violence victims!


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