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Survivor Testimonial

by OutAgainstAbuse

Below is an email we received from a victim who was helped by Out Against Abuse.  We hope you find the post uplifting and catch a glimpse of what we have accomplished here at OAA.


I was going through a very tough situation in my life regarding my ex-boyfriend. He began to stalk me, pace up and down my street, and even hang around my apartment door waiting until I come home. Even after making it clear to him that I wanted nothing to do with him anymore, he continued to contact me every day. When I wouldn’t respond, at the times when he would get angry, he would contact my parents who were unaware of our relationship from the start. During the end of the school semester, close to finals, this became a kind of mental abuse for me where I would not be able to concentrate of put my mind to anything. I tried talking things through with him but he kept getting persistent. I had no idea what to do.             

That’s when I heard of the OAA a south Asian organization that helps women with these kind of situations. I had a number of concerns and didn’t know who to talk to who would give me advice. After talking to you, Sabrin, I felt like I actually had some support; yes, my friends were here for me but they didn’t exactly understand what was going through in my mind, whereas I know you could. I knew I wanted to do something about my ex-boyfriend’s stalker behavior but I didn’t want to do something too drastic, I needed to know my options. Thus, talking to the Domestic Violence Hotlines and other legal service providers opened up some new options for me also. I was really scared at first, I was uneasy, unsure of what I was doing. However, after getting help and advice this organization, I gained the strength I needed to fight, especially since it was something I had to do for my own safety.

Sabrin, you were an incredibly helpful to me, you have no idea; I don’t think I would have been able to walk home to my apartment without feeling paranoid like I did today if it wasn’t for all the help I got from you. Thank you so so so much!!! I will continue to spread the word about your organization because it sure has helped make a difference in my life.


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