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Speak Out Against Vicious Video Game

by Sabrin

It is astounding how vicious and twisted the world can sometimes be. A video game in Japan has began to stir much controversy. Why? Because it is a video game which allows players to rape and assault underage girls.

The game, called RapeLay, allows players to choose their method of assault against teenage girls and allows them to graphically rape them over and over again.

The nonprofit advocacy organization, Equality Now, has been fighting to take this game off the shelves permanently. Unfortunately, this led the game to go viral and it can now be downloaded online. According to CNN, RapeLay is now available on dozens of Web sites, sometimes for free.

Although women’s groups have been fighting against such games in Japan, many opponents claim that “restricting game themes limits freedom of expression”.

The details of the video game are too graphic for me to even describe. Read more here.

Please contact Equality Now at and voice your concern. Help us eliminate such games for good.


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