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Creating A Safer Community

by Sabrin

Across the U.S. , up to 3 million girls and women will be physically abused this year.

Around the world, at least 1 in 3 women will either be physically or sexually abused during her lifetime.

Today, another woman will die. *

The most depressing statistic, which represents the harsh reality of domestic violence, is that 30% of Americans know a woman who reflects the statistics stated above.  And sadly, this number is probably higher for the South Asian community.

As strong members of our community, it is our responsibility to work towards eliminating these statistics.  Think about the small steps you can take to educate the community and work towards preventing violence. Whether it be asking a question about the issue or volunteering, there are many things you can do to foster a safe environment.

What are some suggestions you have for different ways individuals can create a safer environment and work towards putting an end to domestic violence?

*Source: Women’s E News (



NeerajApr 23 2008 - -

I wonder that out of that statistic that 30% of americans know a woman that is being abused, how many of them try to ignore it because it isnt their business? I think it is important that if anyone knows about incidences of abuse, they need to get involved in whatever way they can. An intervention is often the only way to save someone who cant save themselves.

RajApr 24 2008 - -

The best weapon against abuse is education. Women, especially in the South Asian community tend to stay in an abusive relationship as they do not have the requisite confidence to make it on their own. Incidents of child abuse occur and are never reported because those children have never been taught the simple signs of abuse. The more we educate our family and our friends by speaking openly about incidents of abuse , the closer we are to solving some of these issues.

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