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Rihanna: Domestic Violence Survivor’s Courageous Comeback and Message

by Sabrin

After months of media coverage and exposure, Rihanna has comeback with her first song since the tragic incident with Chris Brown. Many of you may be wondering what importance a pop song can have in the prevention of domestic violence. You’d be surprised.

The lyrics of Rihanna’s new song, “Silly Boy”, exhibit the subtleties and warnings signs of abuse in younger relationships. There is a specific line that really caught my attention: “I remember when you would say you hate my waist”. Harsh criticism and verbal abuse are the first signs of abuse in a relationship.

The song also speaks about the importance of staying strong and not accepting abuse in a relationship or taking back someone who has abused you in any way.

We hope that Rihanna’s message reaches out to teens and young people in abusive relationships and gives them the courage to speak out and get the help they need.

Here is the song with the lyrics: 


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