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Resources for Forced Marriage Issues

by Sabrin

The issue of forced marriage is one that continues to plague the South Asian community. Forced marriage is defined as “a marriage that is performed under duress and without the full and informed consent or free will of both parties” or “circumstances where one or both intended spouses enter into a marriage against their will, under physical force or psychological duress, and without free and valid consent.” The U.S. State Department denounces forced marriage as “a violation of basic human rights” and “a form of child abuse.” and as a community we need to do all we can to educate ourselves on what to do if we ever encounter such a crime.  The Pixel Project, a grassroots organization that advances “a gender blind approach to gender abuse”, provides a great list of resources for family and friends of victims.

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Sources: CLINIC’s Violence Against Women Project


SakhiSep 14 2010 - -

Sakhi for South Asian Women is a community-based organization in the New York metropolitan area committed to ending violence against women of South Asian origin. Sakhi strives to create a voice and safe environment for all South Asian women through outreach, advocacy, leadership development, and organizing. We provide safety planning, crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling services for the survivors we work with. For survivors who have disclosed that they are currently in a forced marriage or are going to be, we educate them about the issues of forced marriages and make them aware of the consequences of being in these kinds of unions without disrespecting the intra-generational cultural practices of marriages in their country of origin. We provide a supportive and safe environment and offer survivors referrals to attorneys for any issues pertaining to immigration, divorce, and/or information about their legal rights. In addition, Sakhi assist these survivors with help pertaining to housing, shelter, finding a job, resume writing, and we can even help them open a bank account.

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