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Recession Increases Cases of Domestic Abuse

by Sabrin

The one word constantly on everyone’s minds these days is recession. Although some say we still have not reached that point, the truth remains that the effects of the economic downturn have hit us all in either minor or major ways.  Whether it be tightening of personal expesnes or even as unfortunate as job loss, times are becoming difficult for all of us.  Unfortunately, a recession has an even harsher effect for domestic violence cases.  According to a study conducted by Working Partnerships USA,

  • A recession can worsen the likelihood and scale of violence, as well as making it more difficult to leave a batterer
  • A woman’s partner may be more likely to suffer from unemployment and depression, and may be more likely to become violent
  • Distressed economic times increase the chance that a woman will feel forced to remain with her batterer due to housing costs or income concerns for herself or her children. *

The recession also decreases the amount of funding available to provide services and resources for survivors.  As active members of our community, it is our duty to create a safe environment, especially during unfortunate times.  But often we want to help the cause but are financially unable.

 However, there are always other methods to work towards ending domestic abuse.  Funding remains a key component, and every donation, no matter how small, is extremely helpful.  However, volunteering your time or even educating your peers or making your community more aware helps work towards preventing domestic violence.

 Your help and support is extremely crucial in these times and we hope all of you continue to lend your support in whatever way you can.

 We would also love to hear any suggestions or thoughts you have on how we can all work to sustian and grow non profit organizations’ work and outreach during these hard economic times.



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