Online Resource Center:

Our website provides users with a variety of useful and interactive online resources. Our blog keeps the community up to date about domestic violence issues and legislations while also providing a safe haven for victims, survivors, and their friends and families to ask questions about the issue.  Our discussion forum allows victims to connect with various domestic violence agencies and ask questions anonymously without having to voice their experiences. Also, our resources page provides a thorough list of agencies and associations which can provide help on a variety of issues ranging from legal aid to educational and economic support programs.


 Computer Literacy Programs:

Our computer literacy programs educate immigrant South Asian women about online resources and exposes them to our website and online resource center, an innovative tool for abuse victims.  Out Against Abuse has formed partnerships with other immigrant community organizations, such as Women for Afghan Women and CONNECT, to conduct these programs.  These workshops also establish peer support networks to allow more women to speak out about violence and remove themselves from harmful situations.

OAA Roundtable Discussion with NY Anti-Violence Agencies

Campus Education Seminars:

Our Campus Education Seminars teach young men and women about relationship violence and gender abuse issues in the community.  Out Against Abuse hosts interactive workshops to educate students on identifying warning signs of potentially abusive relationships and maintaining healthy relationships. Students learn about red flags,  different types of abuse and how to get connected to a variety of resources.

OAA Campus Education Seminar at Brooklyn College

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