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OAA Campus Education Seminar at Brooklyn College

by Sabrin

OAA hosted its second successful campus education seminar in conjunction with the Women’s Center at Brooklyn College last month. The event had an amazing turnout, with a very diverse and engaging audience.  Students analyzed different scenarios and learned about different issues of abuse, including dating violence, sexual assualt and verbal and emotional abuse.

OAA received great feedback from students. Read some of their comments:

“This workshop taught me that friends and family aren’t powerless and can lend themselves to help victims”

“I learned a lot about different issues of violence, including threatening and emotional abuse. I now know how to notice an unhealthy relationship”

“This workshop was amazing. OAA should keep doing what these, even at a high school level. Great Job!”

OAA will be hosting another Campus Education Seminar at

Hunter College on April 21st, 1pm – 3pm.


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