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OAA Applauds Bangladeshi Newspaper Forum on Women’s Rights

by Sabrin

TIme and time again when speaking with domestic violence activists or gender abuse researchers, the central cause of abuse is linked to the cultural perception of women’s rights and what is determined to be right or wrong.

To end violence against women, we must first change the way our culture defines women’s role in society.

OAA applauds the Daily Star, the largest circulating English daily newspaper in Bangladesh, for its new publication called The Forum, a monthly online newspaper that speaks about women’s rights and issues and challenges Bangladeshis to confront these atrocities and confront the inequality that exists within the society.

Check out the interesting articles and initiatives ongoing in Bangladesh to end gender inequality at The Forum.

“We do not talk about the double standards and the casual sexism that permeates our society. And with good reason. These conversations make us uncomfortable. They implicate us all, and they implicate our collective culture, something that we are very defensive about and resist criticising or questioning.”

Well the time has come to have that conversation. The time has come to speak uncomfortable truths. The time has come to look into the mirror and acknowledge that all is not well and that we need to change if we are ever to afford women true liberation in this country, so that they are truly equal citizens as our constitution and simple justice dictates.”

~ Editor, The Forum


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