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New Policy Brings More Hope for Battered Immigrants and Refugees

by Sabrin

Last week the Obama administration created a new policy to allow women who are victims of severe domestic violence and sexual abuse to receive asylum in the United States.

The NY Times reports that “the government has marked a clear, although narrow, pathway for battered women seeking asylum, lawyers said, after 13 years of tangled court arguments, including resistance from the Bush administration to recognize any of those claims.

Although there are still stringent requirements to qualify for asylum, this is a huge step towards helping immigrant woman leave their abusive partners. Many women are forced to stay in violent and dangerous situations as they don’t have proper documentation to stay in the United States if they leave their spouse.

“This really opens the door to the protection of women who have suffered these kinds of violations,” said Karen Musalo, a professor who is director of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

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