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In Memory of Aasiya Zubair

by Sabrin

I apologize for not having posted this earlier.  The shocking details of Aasiya’s death has left many community members in shock. As I read more and more about the horrific incident, I’m left apalled and deeply saddened as to how this could’ve happened.

Last Monday, February 16th, Muzzamil Hassan, who founded Bridges TV, a television station aimed at countering Muslim stereotypes, beheaded his wife, who had filed for divorce just a few weeks earlier.

The most shocking part of the story is this: “police had responded to several domestic violence calls at the couple’s home”.

If that was the case, why was no action taken?! Why did the police let things escalate to such extremes?

Aasiya was an amazing woman, who actually thought up the idea of Bridges TV because she “felt there should be an American Muslim media where her kids could grow up feeling really strong about their identity as an American Muslim”

I also wanted to remark on the fact that many media outlets are sensationalizing this sad incident as an honor killing, completely ignoring that the isues of domestic violence occur across all races and classes.

The Islamic Society of North America issued a strong statement regarding the case, pointing out that” Unfortunately, some of us ignore such problems in our community, wanting to think that it does not occur among Muslims or we downgrade its seriousness.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Aasiya’s family.

*This post was requested by one of our readers. I encourage all of you to continue to send in your suggestions and posts and utilize this website as a community resource.


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