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In India, New Opportunities for Women Draw Anger and Abuse From Men

by Sabrin

Usually news articles and recent studies are posted in our “Recent News” section, but I felt this was an especially important article to emphasize. The article discusses how despite growing economic opportunities, women in India continue to face harrasment and abuse.

“…a powerful male backlash has accompanied the women’s revolution, an upwelling of resentment that has expressed itself in sexual violence and harassment.

The article provides even more shocking statistics:

  • Violence against women is the fastest-growing crime in India
  • Every 26 minutes a woman is molested
  • Every 34 minutes a rape takes place
  • Every 43 minutes a woman is kidnapped*

During a period of economic growth and social change for women, why do such problems still continue to increase?

 Shobhaa De, a popular social commentator, states “The latest statistics are terrifying. And it clearly points to male rage. Underneath our incredible social change, the Indian male is experiencing nothing short of a psychological frenzy.”

What do you feel is the main cause of gender inequality in South Asian communities?

*Source: Home Ministry’s National Crime Records Bureau


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