Get Involved

We are always looking for active volunteers to help us in the fight against domestic violence! If you are interested in women’s rights, the issue of gender abuse, or just want to gain experience in the nonprofit field, please contact us at

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Social Media/Online Marketing
OAA conducted a marketing analysis project with a McKinsey consultant who outlined various competitive strategy initiatives which could increase our brand awareness and make us more accessible to our users. This is an opportunity to gain insight into unique marketing strategies and also to help understand OAA’s key value proposition. Volunteers will be responsible for updating online media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, while also pursuing other new social media mechanisms.

Fundraising/Event Planning
Volunteers will work with the Board Treasurer and the Fundraising CHair to organize unique fundraising events to raise proceeds for the organization and increase awareness about the organization. Volunteers will be able to help with planning and marketing the event (i.e. the structure, materials to be presented, venue planning, etc..). This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for marketing, budgeting or management experience.

Campus Education Seminars
OAA has held three campus seminars in Texas and New York and hopes to expand to other universities and campuses. This opportunity will allow volunteers to understand the key issues of dating violence and interact with students and faculty from various colleges. Volunteers can help out with contacting interested campus organizations or health centers. Upon finishing domestic violence training, volunteers can also help facilitate these workshops.

Partnerships with Domestic Violence Agencies
OAA currently has 9 partnerships with domestic violence agencies to provide services and advice on its website. Given the complexity of questions we receive, we’d like to continue expanding these partnerships and increase our reach in the domestic violence services community. Volunteers will be able to speak with agency leaders on OAA’s value proposition and will learn key partnership skills.

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