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Challenge To You: Change Perceptions

by Sabrin

Working alongside open minded individuals and speaking with activists and advocates of social change often makes me forget that unfortunately such people are a minority in our community.    

Recently I’ve met more and more people who after learning about the website are left a bit bewildered or uncomfortable. Some people give me a confused look and ask “Why would someone stay in an abusive relationship to begin with?” while others make light jokes. Yes, jokes.  But I believe not out of maliciousness, but because they themselves don’t know how to speak about the subject.

 Why is it that often even highly educated people who have strong careers and who are liberal and broad minded in every sense of their life look at domestic abuse in such a narrow focus? 

As past blog entries have reflected before, I believe one of the crucial ways to fight against domestic violence is not just concentrating on giving resources and providing aid to survivors, but to focus on the cause of the problem, which most often is as simple as pure ignorance.

 I challenge all you readers to speak to at least one person about domestic abuse, whether it be friends, family or colleagues. If you can even help just educate one person, you have contributed a lot to solving the problem.  

Let us know about your experiences/ideas about speaking to others about the topic in the comments section!


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