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Abused Women See Danger in Family Court

by Sabrin

A recent report* released by the Voices of Women Organizing Project depicts how insufficient the U.S. court system is in dealing with domestic violence cases and bringing justice to survivors.

Some of the facts presented are extremely dishearterning:

  • Family courts traumatize battered women and hand child custody to their abusers 37% of the time

  • About 30% of women said they felt unsafe in the courtroom, and 40% felt unsafe in waiting areas.

  • 67% of the women could not afford copies of court transcripts, leaving them unsure of how accurately the official records reflected the proceedings.

  • About 15% said transcripts were not accurate.

Why are such conditions still present in our court system and what can we do to incite change?

*Article written by Alison Bowen from WeNews


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