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Abused Muslim Women in U.S Gain Advocates

by Sabrin

This article posted in the NY Times describes the lack of discussion of domestic violence issues in the Muslim community.

More specifically, the article describes the situation of a young Yemeni-American women who was a victim of domestic violence but found it increasingly difficult to get help. The article goes on to describe the prevalent problem of combatting abuse in the Muslim communit:

“Domestic violence among Muslims has long straddled a blurry line between culture and religion, but now scattered organizations founded by Muslim American women are creating a movement to define it as an unacceptable cultural practice. The problem occurs among American Muslims at the same rate as other groups, activists say, but is even more sensitive because raising the issue is considered an attack on the faith.”

The article exhibits the importance of raising awareness in our communities and how education of such issues is a key step in preventing abuse in the first place.

NYTimes Article


Raj GuptaJan 16 2008 - -

This is an interesting post.

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