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A Pakistani Girl’s Courageous Fight For Justice

by Sabrin

The NY Times recently published an Op-Ed about Assiya Rafiq, a young Pakistani girl who had been sold to criminals by a family friend.

“After being kidnapped at the age of 16 by a group of thugs and enduring a year of rapes and beatings, Assiya Rafiq was delivered to the police and thought her problems were over. Then, she said, four police officers took turns raping her.”

But instead of letting injustice prevail, Assiya is fighting back.

The NY Times reports that Assiya is prosecuting both her kidnappers and the police, despite threats against her and her younger sisters.

“I decided to prosecute because I don’t want the same thing to happen to anybody else,” [Assiya] said firmly.

However, Assiya’s fight won’t be an easy one by any means.

“The family is in hiding. It has lost its livelihood and accumulated $2,500 in debts. Assiya’s two sisters and three brothers have had to drop out of school, and they will find it harder to marry because Assiya is considered “dishonored.”

Most of her relatives tell Assiya that she must give in. But she tosses her head and insists that she will prosecute her attackers to spare other girls what she endured. “

Nicholas Kristof, the Op-Ed writer, has already raised $75,000 to help Assiya’s efforts. Read more updates about Assiya and her case on his blog.

*Picture by Nicholas D. Krustos, NY Times


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