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Important Survivor Court Question

by Sabrin

 Below is a recent question/survivor case we received:

I am a victim of violence. My husband was arrested and now he is out on bail. The court date is a few days later. Many people know and he is now angry because I told on him. I am scared and...Read More

United Nations: Ending Violence Against Women

by Sabrin

The UNFPA has launched an excellent online exhibit documenting the fight against gender abuse. The website documents UNFPA’s experience in the field supporting projects that address violence against women in its many forms, and also documents approaches that can be used to confront the problem on a larger scale....Read More

Why Are We So Afraid?

by Sabrin

Through my work in gender abuse issues, I’ve noticed people responding in very different ways whenever I bring up my work or talk about domestic violence.  Some people change the topic and get uncomfortable, while others talk about it sarcastically, at times even jokingly.  Which brings me to my...Read More

Interview with Dr.Nusrat Ameen: PhD and DV Advocacy Lawyer

by Sabrin

Dr. Nusrat Ameen has devoted her professional career towards fighting against gender abuse, completing her PhD in domestic violence and working towards implementing legal laws for dealing with domestic violence in Bangladesh. She is currently conducting research at Rice University and also serves as the Transitional Home Coordinator for...Read More

American Bar Association’s New Standards for Representing DV Victims

by Sabrin

The following is an article posted February 12, 2008 by Alison Bowen on Women’s E-News (

The American Bar Association’s new standards for representing domestic-violence victims are designed to instruct lawyers on how to help their clients outside the courtroom. That includes enforcing protection orders, which are too often ineffective.

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